I finally declared what I wanted

Our main plan was owning our own home. With shelter being a basic necessity, my partner and I had been saving for many to finally buy a house. Location was not as important to us as the price, however the two of us both hoped to find an affordable house in a pretty area. When our realtor showed us this little house within our price plan located in an above average neighbourhood, the two of us thought our plans were set.

           Before the two of us finished that deal the we made sure to double check things like the roof as well as air conditioner unit. The walls needed a few repairs however the owner assured us that the HVAC was genuinely working fine. and he even showed the total receipt for the unit. This confirmed that it was less than 3 years old. So with everything else looking good, the two of us obtained the house and were moved in a few days later. We were so relieved to be house owners that the two of us hardly observed that the rancid air from our AC system It did not smell  the way it should! As the days passed, the two of us could ignore the odor any longer.

            When the HVAC serviceman we had called arrived, he checked the AC unit and told us that the ducts were infested with roaches as well as their droppings. We were were stunned and grossed out. The serviceman had to do a long task of cleaning the ducts as well as vents, before the stink of the air would improve at all. Yes, the HVAC equipment was new however it was in extreme need of repair due to roaches. The tech assured us that with regular repair, our equipment would be good as new.

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