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Everyone who lives in the South knows that the most costly part of owning a property, besides for the mortgage itself, is covering the cost for cooling it. Utility bills can skyrocket around here in our neck of the woods, especially during July when the heat as well as humidity are incredibly brutal. Therefore, most southerners have a couple of tricks up their sleeves for helping out the a/c, thereby saving money on heating as well as cooling expenses. A few popular tips to save energy with your Heating as well as A/C include the following:

  • Making sure to provide shade. Having trees that cover your outdoor a/c equipment as well as your home itself can honestly help keep your a/c from working as much… Don’t believe me? Go outside for a little while in July. Then, walk under a tree, and you’ll come to find that it feels good, as well as your a/c thinks it feels good, too.
  • Making sure to cover windows. Whether you get window film, awnings, or blackout curtains, it totally pays to keep that sunlight from penetrating into the property through your windows. It is true that your property might be as dark as a cave, but just remember that darkness means your a/c doesn’t engage quite as frequently.
  • Making sure to use Ceiling Fans. So, all those people on the television always say that ceiling fans are “out.” Who cares about what they say? When you rest under them, you feel so much cooler, as well as you don’t need to mess with the thermostat as much.

These tips basically come from a long-time southerner. Trust me, you must save energy in the Summer, as well as that means saving on your cooling equipment costs.

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