I don’t understand the air ducts

I really want to remodel my house. I’ve lived in it for about six years now, and I have a lot of things about it that I have decided that I really want to change. When I first moved in, I loved the place.  Everything from the layout to the HVAC system was perfect in my opinion. Of course that was when I was a tenant and not the owner. I had the opportunity to purchase the house about two years ago and have been chomping at the bit ever since to renovate. There’s an upper and lower apartment, and I live downstairs. Each apartment is individually heated by two separate HVAC units. This means that each is on a separate meter as far as utilities go as well.  Before I owned the place, that was a great setup, but when I bought it, I decided to take over the whole house after the upstairs tenant moved out last year. Since then, I opted to go through and make some changes. I realized quickly that there were going to be some problems with this decision. t On top of paying monthly bills for two spaces, which was a headache I also had the responsibility of maintaining two HVAC units. The utility company wouldn’t even combine the bills because they insisted that if the apartments had separate furnaces and meters, then they can’t be put into a single account. On top of all that the cleaning started to pile up.I was in way over my head with trying to maintains such a large space. I ended up deciding to move back downstairs and just have the one floor of the house and then go back to renting the other. It’s only been a month and I know it was the right call to downsize!

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