I don’t need a home computer

I have been an Heating and Air Conditioning worker for nearly twenty years, and i have seen it all when it comes to unique situations. When I first started out in an internship with this company, I assumed it was a pretty simple work. How difficult could it be to install and service heating and cooling devices, right? Well, I was surprised! It turns out that there are several health issues that go hand in hand with people’s quality of air. It is not as simple as installing a unit, and being done with it. Some folks struggle with extreme pollen irritations, for them, our basic air filters are detrimental to their health. They need a special Pure Air Filter System. I, also, found out that hospitals rely heavily on our Heating and Air Conditioning systems. They have to be in a easily controlled temperature environment to protect their patients from germs during and after surgery, but one slip of a dirty air filter or raise in temperature is the difference of life and death for a patient.  When I would service elementary and middle schools, the teachers explained that a clean HVAC makes all the difference in cold and flu season. One year, when their Heating and Air Conditioning program went down, they saw a speedy rise in the flu and in student absences until the ventilation program was repaired. I truly love finding out these pieces of information. It has made my career a little more interesting on a day to day basis and now I am much more focussed when I go into a home, office or hospital as to what I it is a truly do.

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