I do feel content now

My sister Catherine and I moved out to the desert climate because I wanted to try my luck in the city known for gambling. Catherine moved to try her luck as an HVAC specialist. I figured I could get by on jackpots and good cards and Catherine took a smarter route and went to vocational school. Catherine even went beyond that and made sure she had an internship with an HVAC company under her belt before leaving school. Now that she confidently knows her way around any HVAC equipment and how to assemble or maintenance it, she came out west with me to put her amazing skills to some solid use. It didn’t take long for her to become incredibly successful here. Catherine’s also really good about making sure the bills are covered, even if I can’t always afford half. Meanwhile, I go and strategize on the strip to make sure I’m making a good amount of money at all of the casinos. There was a time where I simply couldn’t make it happen, though. I was starting to think my luck had just evaporated, and I don’t just mean in the casinos. At home, the air conditioner was quite apparently on it’s last leg. Catherine took a look at the equipment and discovered a big problem. The equipment was wired to our power source all wrong, and was a big potential fire hazard that we had been living with the entire time. Catherine disconnected the unit and got rid of it. She and I chipped in for a new system that uses evaporative cooling. Because the only part of it that requires electricity is a little fan motor, it will cost way less in the long run. I’m thankful for my sister’s air conditioning knowledge, and that instance made me realize that I wasn’t completely unfortunate.

cooling system 

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