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I will never really understand the fascination that certain children have with flushing things down the toilet or seeing them go down the drain! Or “Down the dwain,” as our 3 year old  loves to say! We entirely had to upgrade a toilet in our property not too long ago because he had flushed all kinds of things down that toilet to the point it was completely irreparable. I can’t even remember all of the things he flushed, however among them were: socks, paper cups, a bouncy ball, crackers, a toothbrush, a mitten, & a cheese stick! Why would he want to flush a cheese stick down the toilet? I don’t know, however we ended up spending so much time plunging the toilet in our downstairs hallway after many incidents of plumbing complications including overflowing toilets. It happened so often that our fiance finally bought one of those industrial strength plumbing snake tools so that he could do it much quicker! He’s used the plumbing snake all of the time & it seemed to do the trick in the beginning! Unfortunately, though, one day our 3 year old decided to flush one of his baby sibling’s diapers. That diaper was totally the last straw for that toilet & after that, it failed to work at all, no matter how plunging we did & no matter how much my fiance used the plumbing snake on it… We had to resort to calling in a professional plumbing supplier to come in & just upgrade all of the pipes directly underneath the toilet & also install a whole new toilet. That’s so much money “down the drain,” if you ask me!

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