I couldn’t be happier

Our family recently rented a much older beach property in a nice, rural city.  On our street, several of the properties have chickens, as well as our neighbor has a horse who comes over to the fence to say hello sometimes.  My kids care about it here. They’re used to cities where the properties are newer as well as the properties are much closer together. It’s the first time they’ve experienced the slower, quieter side of living.  Our landlord is a nice elderly couple who lived in the beach property for years, however now have moved to a smaller property that’s easier to keep up with. They’re extremely nice landlords, however they do sometimes take a while to fix things for our property.  We are able to manage though because we prefer the beach house. Our first warm season there, a few of us were feeling way sicker than usual. Our allergies were legitimately acting up no matter what sort of medicine we picked up. Also, there were some different sounds coming from our a/c equipment while it was running.  Some rooms felt way more cooler than others, no matter how high we programmed our thermostat. We told the landlord, as well as he said that he’d have a Heating as well as Air Conditioning repairman from the local heating as well as cooling contractor come have a look at our equipment. It took a little over 2 weeks for him to schedule the appointment, however finally an a/c serviceman showed up to our property.  He took a single look at our air duct as well as was entirely appalled at how dirty the ducts were! He said the owners absolutely hadn’t performed an air duct cleaning for a long time, as well as as a result, our air quality was really horrible with dust as well as allergens always circulating in our air. It became extremely clear why we’d felt sick. We decided to have him perform a complete Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment inspection as well as cleaning.  We also let the landlords know we planned on scheduling one next year, too.

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