I can’t wait anymore

My fiance and I have decided that we want to remodel our house. We’ve lived in it for about three years now, and we have a list of things about it that we definitely want to upgrade. The house is actually a double with the upper level being a separate apartment. Each space has its own utilities and HVAC systems. When it was just me residing here, that was a good setup, however when my fiance moved in, we decided that once the lease was up, we would be asking the tenant to leave and turning the place back into a single family home. Since then, we decided to make a lot of changes. I realized that having all that space was really too much! On top of that, paying separate monthly utility bills was a headache. The utility supplier wouldn’t give me just one bill for both. They insisted that if the apartments had separate HVAC systems and separate meters so they couldn’t be combined into one account. Additionally, I decided that the upkeep and cleaning on such a huge house was way too much.  With everything going on, trying to fit in time to do things like routine maintenance on the HVAC systems was next to impossible. We ended up deciding to move back downstairs and just deal with the smaller space. We renting out the apartment again anyway because the added income was nice. We are still working on everything and eventually we will probably sell the place. At least it will be worth more at that point. We can look for a single family home with less upkeep when we do move.

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