I can’t tell if this matters

I made a bad purchasing decision. I recently bought a building to convert into a ballet studio. I needed to totally destroy it and set it back up. I set up all new heigh ceilings, walls and flooring! While in the demolition process, a friend told me that installing heated flooring would be easy, since my floors were already ripped up.  All I needed was the electric heated mats and I would have a great heating system. I read online about how great radiant floors were. The site explained that there dust isn’t sucked in like the the gas furnace, so your air quality is clean. The radiant floors are silent and non disruptive. Also the heated air does not leave the floor level, you actually save energy and can set your thermostat lower due to how the floor heats your space. I hardly thought twice about the purchase, I just swiped my credit card and got the electric heated floors. Now that I have radiant flooring, I have to say that it was not what I expected.  I always forget if the furnace is on or not. It makes no clicking, humming or any type of sound, so I forget about it. I frequently leave the ballet studio and forget to lower the heated floors. My electric bill is incredibly high due to this. Also, our ballet students hate the gas furnace in the floor. Ballet dancers have been trained to be floor oriented so the radiant floors warm their feet to the point that they get actually covered in sweat. The men and women say it affects their dancing negatively. I don’t even prefer the feeling on my feet either. I bought it though, so I am stuck with it for now.

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