I can’t ever seem to get it right

As the Mayor of a small farming community, I have several obligations that are not “normal” to most municipalities. It is not unusual for our town board meetings to handle complaints over livestock, tree plantings, and even tractors that are hogging the road during  “Bring your tractor to school day”. By the way, this is a right of passage for our Senior High School boys and girls. Anyway, I am also in charge of making sure our annual Settler’s Days weekend goes off without a hitch. Each year, it includes a small fair, amusement rides, and a farmer’s parade. The only thing is, our town is not equipped with the infrastructure to supply enough power for these items! Every year, my office is flooded with complaints from the neighborhood about  power outages when the carnival is going. Residents lose the ability to run their air conditioners and when you have a town full of tired, hot, and aggravated people, it is not a fun time for sure. Most people in town either worked at the festival or attended it all day, when they got home, they wanted to get a good night’s rest. With temperatures in the 80’s and no air conditioning, that was almost impossible. As Mayor, I have tried to argue the fact that we need to invest money into upgrading our main power supply to avoid this issue.  So far, the townfold would rather deal with the heat and complain rather than spend the money to make sure they have power. If having a working HVAC system is important to people, I guess they will have to invest in a generator for now..

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