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I am a true believer that experiential education is as effective as a formal academic job in most cases, however certainly, there are professionals that I won’t consider seeing unless they have the regular credentials. For example, I would only visit certified surgeons and I would never fly with an uncertified pilot. However, I believe that there are plenty occupations where a university degree isn’t necessary, and people are capable of studying through several methods of education. Periodically, a hands-on studying style is perfect for mastering an identifiable  skill set or gaining detailed information! That’s why I didn’t see it as an issue when my sister fired an HVAC contractor without an accredited Heating, Ventilation and A/C certification. However, I was apparently the only person who felt this way! One morning my sister knocked at my door and asked if she could sit inside of my AC for a while. My sister lives just around the corner and she told me that her HVAC program shut down completely that morning. Since it was already a brutally hot day, I invited her in to enjoy the cool air for a while. We had some cold beverages until the HVAC company pulled down the street and she headed home. She thanked me for helping her out and then she was on her way. It was incredibly unexpected when my doorbell rang again, only 15 minutes later, and my sister had returned. She asked if she could wait longer in my cool home while the next HVAC technician arrived. Puzzled, I asked what had gone awry with the last ventilation specialist. She told me that the HVAC contractor was just some fraud that did not have the proper certification, so she was not going to trust him with her HVAC unit.

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