I can tell this will be tough

My bestie Andy and I adore staying in hotels. Every now and then Andy has to travel for his job, so his employer puts him up in nice hotels! The hotel rooms are consistently lovey and we always have a wonderful experience. Andy and I are saving our money, so our apartment is cheap, rundown, and lacking in numerous necessities. However, when we arrive at a hotel, we suddenly get those necessities back! We can take showers without having to use well water. The water is really clean and the water pressure is amazing to us. We also adore how soft and big the mattresses are that we get to sleep on. The best perk, to us, is enjoying the air conditioning. Andy and I can’t afford air conditioning for our place, so when we go to a hotel, we pretty much go crazy! It is awesome to get a free room, and to think that the amount of cooling we use does not matter. I mean, nobody will find out and charge the room extra we crank the A/C way up. So Andy and I go wild with temperature control anytime we stay in a hotel. If we feel even slightly warm, we just crank the air conditioning to the max. We basically make it so very cold, that we need to bundle under all the blankets. For me, being able to experience A/C without paying for it is the best benefit. Someday I am hoping Andy and I will have luxuries like good water pressure, a huge mattress, and cooling in our home. But for now, I am just happy to get it periodically in hotel rooms.

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