I can tell the kids are mad

The people I was with and myself had always worked out doors with our hands. When we were hired to work inside of an office, it was difficult to transfer from an orange colored task to a legitimately white task instead. The people I spend time with and a few of my friends had spent time working in construction jobs, where we were outside most of the day without having someone sitting next to us. The first week’s inside of the office were a nightmare, because the people I was with and myself had become used to working alone. I must admit, it was quite a difference going to a climate where there was climate control in the building. I had never worked in the air-conditioning before, and the people I spend time with and myself were absolutely gleeful to enjoy the air conditioning component. When the first hint of spring was in the air, the people I was with and myself were happy to have the air conditioning component to genuinely keep us comfortable. The people I was with and myself had always looked toward spring with a gloomy outcome, because spring meant summer, and that meant having to put up with terribly warm temperatures Outdoors. Around here, the only time the indoor air quality is less than satisfying, happens to be after everyone microwaves lunch. This is the time when everyone microwaves fish, burgers, and tofu. Those types of things can genuinely stink up our entire office. Luckily, we have a great air conditioning component that has perfect ventilation to remove these smells. It just takes a while.

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