I am losing money!

Since I live in an area with severely humid warm seasons and fairly mild Winters, a cooling unit is my priority.  However, I do also need some type of heating system. Considering that heating along with cooling adds up to about half of my home’s energy consumption, I need something efficient.  After a good amount of research, I learned that a heat pump would give the best return from my investment. Based on the studies I read, a heat pump delivers at least double the amount of heat for every dollar of electricity it draws.  I prefer that my needs be supplied by a single unit, instead of multiple in order to cut costs and maintenance down. I only need to have the heat pump diagnosed annually for it to operate reliably. An electric heat pump is also exceptionally safe, clean, and very quiet.  It avoids all the problems of the combustion process. There’s no unpleasant fumes, or danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, plus there is no fire hazard. Instead of generating heat, the heat pump makes use of ambient heat in the air. It operates like refrigeration does in that it simply moves heat from a single place to another.  In the warm season, it serves as an cooling system, extracting heat from the indoor air in order to pump it outside. In the Wintertime, with a switch of a button, the heat pump reverses direction warm up my home. Even when it’s all the way down in the forties, the heat pump compresses the available heat to a high temperature to provide warmth.  

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