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Spring cleaning happens at this house every year.  The house is opened to fresh air as the rest gets a thorough cleaning.  This year I was doing this ritual again when I wondered about our air quality.  I have a new HVAC system that provides heating & cooling to the entire house. It dawned on me that perhaps the HVAC system should be kept cleaned also.  I was afraid of getting in over my head. I don’t know a great deal about how HVAC systems operate. I know to change the filter. But I often forget. I went to the basement to inspect the HVAC system there.  I did not know how to start dismantling the HVAC system. So, I went outside to check on the fan unit. I felt comfortable washing away debris from the case. I also gently scrubbed the fins taking care not to bend them.  I was glad to give the HVAC system the attention that I coud. However, I felt it was best to call the professionals at our local HVAC company. The young man came out to the house right at the time scheduled. The contractor said I did a nice job on the outside unit.  He went to the basement to begin cleaning of the blower component. The tech showed me how gummed up with junk the inside of the component had become. The HVAC professional finished up in about an hour. He said I was lucky I decided to get the HVAC system cleaned. If I had waited until summer, the system might have overloaded due to dirt.  Spring cleaning should always include the HVAC system.

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