HVAC workman in the family

My toddler enjoyed to take things apart throughout her entire childhood. However, it wasn’t anything unnatural, it was just a eager intellectual curiosity. Oddly enough, she never did entirely  well in her studies, because she was so distracted with her own interests, and but when there was a subject she certainly enjoyed, such as math or science, she would receive top marks. She took apart everything I would permit her, and even a couple of things I informed her not to touch. The issues started when she took apart the television in her bedroom. She found herself in a sticky situation when she took apart the window mounted a/c that the people I was with and I had out in the barn. However, flash forward from then to now, when our baby girl complete a course in trade school with her Heating and A/C certification. She says she got her enjoyment in the field from taking apart our seasoned AC unit, and now she has transferred that interest into a real career. This is a very good thing, because HVAC professionals are always needed and will always be needed. With modern Heating and A/C technologies proceeding every year, a young mind who can adapt to the changes is entirely  advantageous. She has already fielded two proposals from local heating and cooling companies, although she is still not fixed on a plan. I think she desires to transfer to the city, and is waiting to get some proposals for Heating and A/C internships from one of the major corporations. Her taking apart that old air conditioner was definitely worth it in the long run.

HVAC repairman

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