HVAC supplier giving her trouble

My mom always has a beef with some company or the other, and she loves to tell everyone about it.  If you see a crazy haired lady and she tries to grab your arm, stay clear. It could be my mom and she will talk to you all day long about her problems.  I’m serious, she really is that bad. I called to tell her Happy Mother’s Day and instead I ended up hanging up on her and saying that there is the insanity I know.  She wanted to tell me all about her year long feud with the HVAC company. I have heard this story at least fifteen times, and every time, I have to side with the HVAC company which really makes her angry.  Last year, she and dad called the HVAC company to have them repair their furnace. They had never had any servicing or repairs done on the furnace. I think dad has changed the air filters, but even that is sketchy.  When the furnace quit working, they didn’t know what else to do. When the HVAC tech came over, he told them that they needed a new furnace, but he was able to get it working long enough to get them over the winter. This winter, the furnace has totally quit working, but they didn’t pay the bill.  Mom thought his opinion was unwarranted and just a ploy to make more good money from them, so she wouldn’t pay his bill. Now she needs a new furnace and he won’t install it because she still owes him from last year. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I really don’t care right now.

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