HVAC ruined due to our play

As a kid, my sister and I used to take our BB guns out and shoot at whatever we thought we could hit.  My dad wasn’t happy with our shooting talents, and he was going to take our BB guns off us. We promised him we would be more responsible in the future.  That’s when we started trying to find someplace and then we found the perfect place to set up our targets. Our targets were my sister’s old Barbie dolls, and we found out that we could set them up on the AC unit that was outside in the back of the house.  We practiced a lot and some of the BB’s didn’t quite make their way to the targets, and when they hit the AC unit, we knew it. The AC unit would ring out a sound that we were sure was going to have mom and dad running out back. We would hide in the shed giggling for a couple of minutes, and then run back out.  The hardest part was when we had the targets tucked into the air vents. The BB’s would sometimes get stuck or go into the air vents. It wasn’t much fun trying to fish them out, because we knew that dad would be really upset if he found any in the AC unit. We eventually got better, and I’m pretty sure that when he saw all the little dents from the BB’s, in the AC unit, he didn’t believe us when we said they were from hail storms.  It was rough going for a while, but we had a lot of fun.

HVAC technology

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