HVAC repairman was late

Time is money, right? That’s what we’re conditioned to recognize as we sprout into adulthood, Not just your own time, though – the time of others, like your family, or friends, or even coworkers, with that in mind, I treat my time like actual money, so I tend to get flustered if someone is late to an appointment – or even to an informal supper date. I  just hate wasting time! Recently I watched helplessly, as my time had been wasted as I waited for a HVAC service professional to get to my house. I had to call off work to make sure I was home for this HVAC worker to get in, so I was wasting actual money in the process. When the girl finally showed up at my house, she showed no remorse, nor did she apologize for being late! She just walked right into my house, tracking dirt into my kitchen with her boots, and asked me where the cooling system unit was situated. I pointed outside, and led her out as I heard her cough and spit on the ground, late and disgusting? What a winner. I was hoping that this girl was a wizard with HVAC repairs, as that was the only thing that would slightly excuse her nasty behavior. Instead, the girl basically stared at my outdoor HVAC equipment. I don’t believe she could tell the difference between the compressor or the condenser! Within twenty minutes, the girl grabbed her tool tote and walked back through the house, somehow tracking more dirt on the floor, and told me that everything was fine. I asked if she even tried to test out the equipment, and you know what she said? “Which one is the HVAC professional?” Well, definitely not her!

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