HVAC noises and the podcast

I have recently become addicted to listening to podcasts, and I know that I could do it if I wanted to.  I even told my friend Karl, that I could do a podcast that was better than anything we listen to. He told me to put my money where my mouth is, so between Karl, our friend Barry and I, we set out to do a podcast that was better than any we had heard.  Barry was perfect for doing the engineering of the podcast. We had listened to so many, that we knew exactly what we wanted to do. Barry became my co-host, and we headed to the garage. We thought the garage was the place to record, because it was really quiet and no one would bother us.  The only problem with the garage was that there wasn’t any air conditioning, and we were sweating all over the equipment. We decided to move the recording to Karl’s house and do it in the living room. It is quiet there, and the only noise was the air conditioning, which is what we really needed.  We had the thermostat adjusted to its lowest setting and we were ready to record. When we finally played back the recording, we heard the sound of the air conditioning humming throughout the entire recording, and we had to start all over. We turned the AC down really low and when we were nearly cold, we turned it off, and started our recording.  When we were done, we turned the AC back on and cooled off. We were surprised at how well the recording turned out.

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