HVAC maintenance was a hardship

I have been experiencing some problems repeatedly with my heating and cooling system. I thought it was due to the fact that it was fairly old, so I would regularly call the HVAC specialist in our area. She would come over and change out a part here and a part there, but she never talked much. She also never gave me any clues to why I was having so many complications with my HVAC system. Well, last month that particular company was closed down for fraud. And I was shocked! Apparently, they were going into people’s homes lacking any proper HVAC certification and they were just pretending to change parts; they were suggesting that there were complications with customers’ HVAC units when nothing was even wrong! I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard! All I could do at that point, though, was think about all the money I’d invested in my HVAC component because I had foolishly trusted the specialist. I did see something on the news about being able to file a claim for funds lost, so I went ahead and did that. Aside from that, I still didn’t think my my component was putting out the cold air it really should be with the air conditioning turned up. So I went to the internet to find another HVAC provider. As it turned out, during my first appointment, all would be revealed to me. I explained to him my problem and also mentioned the fraud that I had dealt with recently. The technician showed me her certification, then took care of my filters…which nobody had ever done before. She unearthed the problem right away: My filters were jammed with tons of pet hair. I literally had no idea. All this time, and it was such a simple solution! Honestly, I felt rather ridiculous.

HVAC serviceman

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