HVAC guy was a thief

Three and a half years ago, when the air conditioner broke down in the middle of  July, I had quite the experience! The local HVAC contractor was all booked up. They couldn’t offer me an appointment for repair for three weeks.  Because of the severe Summer heat and humidity, everybody’s cooling systems were malfunctioning. This had caused a major overload in the HVAC contractor’s schedule! I was super desperate to have my air conditioner working properly again. I spent a night at a hotel to avoid the awful heat, and returned home the next day.  I turned on the ceiling fans and plugged in a bunch of box fans. This didn’t help much. I then started looking for another HVAC company in the area. I noticed an in the local newspaper. I had never heard of this particular HVAC supplier before. I checked online for reviews but couldn’t find them listed anywhere. I decided to take a chance and hope for the best.   They had an opening and promised to send a technician to my house that same day. The van that pulled into my driveway had no professional markings on it, but the HVAC technician was right on time. He was in uniform and used shoe coverings to protect the carpet. I let him in and showed him the broken air conditioner. He took the air conditioner apart and showed me the buildup of dirty and debris within the inner workings.  He completed a thorough cleaning of the coil and checked the refrigerant charge. Within an hour, the air conditioner was running perfectly again. I was really impressed with the HVAC technician and the price was reasonable.

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