HVAC factory in town

A few years ago, I started work for a reputable accounting firm. We have offices in a dozen states, all across this continent. Mainly, we handle all of the money transactions for many big companies; When their employees need to be paid, we take care of the accounting services that are required. We work with over 2,000 companies that use our accounting services. Recently, our accounting firm took on a brand new client; I’m really happy to meet with the owner, because he is going to bring hundreds of jobs to our local town, and the business manufactures oil, gas, and electric oil furnaces. The metal is brought in from other companies, and everything is assembled in this factory. Most of the newly created jobs, will be low skill labor. The new gas, electric, and oil furnace business is going to change the economics in our area for the better. The furnace manufacturer has been in business for half a century, and has numerous factories on the east coast. This new factory will bring big business to our region, and our accounting firm has been hired to handle all of the transactions. We will handle the employee checks, vendor payments, as well as the day to day number crunching. The furnace manufacturer is ready to get started. They expect to break ground in the next month. The furnace factory will take about five months to build. During the building time, they are going to be conducting interviews for all available positions. It’s undoubtedly going to be a big break for the people in our town. We don’t have any factories of this type in our region, and a lot of folks are struggling to find full time work.

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