HVAC equipment

I have just realized that I am super gross. What happened is this: I recently set up a room in my condo just to work out. I have set up mats all over the floor. In addition, I bought free weights, exercise balls, weighted poles, and a jump rope. I love that the room is relatively small with high ceilings and is sealed away from the rest of my condo. Well, I had been working out in there for a few weeks, getting a wonderful sweat on, without any issues. I have noticed this week, though, that the stench of my workout room is terrible! Honestly, I have to keep the door shut or my whole condo stinks of body odor and old sweat. In fact, the room is so tiny and poorly ventilated that all the smells linger in there. I also don’t have any air conditioner in the room circulating the air conditions. I have been thinking about investing in numerous HVAC tools to get rid of the nasty smells. I want to get a cooling system to stop me from dripping with sweat and smelling as much. The air conditioning also might make me desire to exercise harder. If I don’t get overheated as swiftly, I will be able to work out longer. The cooling system will also move the polluted air around a bit. Then, I want to install a UV air purifier within my A/C system. You see, a UV air purifier is made to get rid of smells in the air. I can turn on the air conditioner and the indoor air purifier can get to work immediately. Perhaps then I can open the door and be able to leave it open after I finish exercising. I’m really hoping the air purifier will get rid of the stink.

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