HVAC equipment might fail

“Plan for the worst, and hope for what is best.” I’m paraphrasing John Jay, he wrote a similar expression over 200 years ago, yet still, in 2 centuries, the idea continues to stand: have a contingency plans ready, however hold out hope everything will come out!  Proactive thinking is legitimately what separates a reliable team member from a go-to-guy, and I try to consistently be the latter whether I’m at my job or just tending to my house. One great example of preparing for any unsavory situations would be buying spare parts for equipment that is sure to fail, either in a week or a year.  My HVAC system is the number 1 appliance in the home that seems to be most prone to an equipment failure, so I make certain I have some replacement parts on-hand at any juncture. So, every year, I’ll buy a brand-new contactor part and a starting capacitor! It’s not even a $30 investment if you buy online. Having these 2 pieces (and some proficiency regarding the actual process of replacing these parts) will save you a major headache down the road.  Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to keep a spare motor for an outdoor compressor unit, as well as a motor for the indoor air handler and evaporator. But these are generally more lavish – like $150 if you find a place that offers wholesale pricing for the public – however they are indispensable over an endlessly boiling Summer or never-ending Winter. During these times of such serious weather, all of us tend to put a ton of stress on our Heating and Air Conditioning systems, and this can cause the motor powering the systems to burn out and fail. So, consider it like this: Spending a little under two hundred dollars a year on some spare parts could seriously save your life, factoring in the intensity of the weather!

HVAC plan

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