HVAC equipment inside my home

I can’t take it anymore; the constant texting, the continual messages about utter nonsense, the blatant nagging  to receive attention for bad behavior… I never thought that I would know I needed a personal restraining order before in my life, and I absolutely never expected that I would know this about a common household appliance, however yes, I’m trying to end things with my thermostat, plus the cut has been anything but clear so far, however let me tell you about our abusive relationship, so you get where I’m coming from as a battered plus mentally fried casualty of this Heating and A/C abuser! It all started on the day that my A/C plus heating system were being substituted by a local heating plus cooling specialist. You could say it was adoration at first sight when the Heating and A/C serviceman showed me the newest smart thermostat possibilities on today’s market. I honestly thought I had found myself “a great catch” when I learned all of the promises made by this impressive sounding temperature control unit. Little did I guess that this smart thermostat device would soon become my  greatest tormentor. You see, the thermostat came programmed with several “convenient” options unbeknownst to me, such as text reminders for common maintenance works, push notifications for air temperature modifications, plus reminders about programmed air quality changes. At first, I thought it would be helpful to have several substitutes from the smart temperature control device… but after weeks of ruthless persecution, I can’t take it anymore; My nerves are fried after constantly hearing about my bad air quality management plus failure to establish ideal energy efficiency. I know like I’m a single notification away from taking care of the bothersome smart thermostat myself – in a legitimately permanent way. At least it would entirely be considered self defense.

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