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Recently, we’ve been looking at a crap ton of houses in the area. In addition to caring great craftsmanship,  I’m starting to get a fantastic handle on what to look for in a high quality property. There are absolutely signs of superior workmanship, in addition to little omens of poorly built homes to watch out for. I’ve begun to pick those up with a hawk eye! It doesn’t take me long to walk into a newer or older home, glance around, then decide in an instant if the beach house is going to need major repairs down the road. I can see small places of water staining in the ceilings in addition to walls, fixtures that were improperly installed, and even disappointing plumbing job without too much trouble. These will all indicate that the beach house’s construction maybe wasn’t the best, in addition to the possibility of larger troubles hidden throughout. Another thing that I’ve l received to watch out for is the kitchen air quality. It seems care about a relatively small issue, but really, having bad ventilation in your cooking area can cause major HVAC system troubles down the line. I learned about this originally from my partner and I residing with our bestie, who loves to cook elaborate meals at night. This seemed to coincide with our central air conditioning equipment really working overtime. At first, I didn’t understand the correlation between the dinner preparation and our overclocked AC system, but soon it all made sense… Since we all had poor HVAC duct methods in the kitchen, including an ineffective air duct that only pulled sizzling air from the oven just to spread it back throughout the room, the kitchen was prone to serious overheating each evening. This heat actually drifted out to the thermostat,which then to told the AC system to kick it into high gear, creating higher energy costs in addition to more wear on the multi split air conditioning system over time… Now when my partner and I inspect a house, the first thing we look for is real ventilation above the oven remove the sizzling indoor air!

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