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My teenage daughter is going to her first dance next month so we’ve been going all over the place dress shopping and shoe shopping! She’s been driving us up a wall! Especially when it comes to shopping for shoes! Anyway, yesterday we knew that we’d finally hit the jackpot. I told her that if we couldn’t find a pair that would work for the dance in this store, then she could just go barefoot! Well, luckily, there were a handful that she liked in there and she decided she wanted to try all of them on. Unfortunately, at this point the store’s air conditioner was broken because it felt like it was a million degrees in there. I have no idea what the temperature was inside the store, because they had the temperature control hidden somewhere in the back room. I knew it was hot though! It had to have been at least 99 degrees in the store! This doesn’t help crabby teenage women who are shopping for their first pair of heels! I asked the worker on duty if they were working on the air conditioner and they said that the mall’s HVAC service crew was up on the roof at that moment, finally working on the air conditioning unit. By the time we found a pair of shoes that she liked, the air conditioner had kicked on as well as refreshing cooled air was blowing on us through the HVAC ventilation system.

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