HVAC clogged with toys

              Whenever the weather starts to get colder plus as fall begins to progress annually, I always make an appointment with my Heating plus A/C professional to have him come out to inspect our HVAC system.  I want to make sure everything is in perfect shape, with no problems. I learnt a difficult lesson a few years back when we lost our heat during a snowstorm because I neglected having the Heating plus A/C professional come out when I knew the idea wasn’t behaving normally.  So, now I am proactive plus I am proud of myself for it!

                  So as well as having my Heating plus A/C idea diagnosed, I also have my Heating plus A/C professional clean out all of my air duct too.  Pet hair, dander, plus dust can all collect in the air ducts, then blow up into the air the air we are breathing. It’s pretty gross if you stop plus think about it.  Well, this year as my Heating plus A/C professional was busy working away, inspecting our idea plus cleaning our air duct, I went about my normal mom activities.

              I was in the middle of folding a load of laundry when my Heating plus A/C professional walks into my laundry room with a bagful of legos.  At first I was confused. When I asked him what he was doing with legos, he told me that he had found the whole bag of legos in the air duct in the family room.  That’s right, those stupid little legos are not only are weapons for your feet but they also can fall through a heating vent plus enter your air duct. Wow.

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