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It has been uncomfortably freezing cold this entire winter but the news reports say that next week should be a much-welcome reprieve from that if the weather forecast is not incorrect. The meteorologist is calling for it to be in the low fifties all next week and I am undoubtedly happy over that.  I get so tired of having to stay indoors all the time because of the cold and it seems to go on forever until we reach the end of winter and where I live, the weather gets pretty brutal and stays that way from the start of November until the end of May. That is way too much time to spend indoors with all that dry heat from the gas furnace to keep us warm. So many months, in fact, I actually had to change the air filter on my gas furnace three times during this winter due to the regularly freezing temperatures that never seem to end, with the gas furnace running always, ever since October, and I am quite sick of the whole winter season.  Subsequently, I have oftentimes thought about moving anywhere further south where I can find warmer weather but then I would most probably just have the same problem only with the air conditioner. I would end up being uncomfortably hot and force to stay indoors with some air conditioner blowing chilly, dusty air all over the room that I am in. I daydream about why we can’t have the temperatures outside just be more like the way I want them to be so I don’t have to deal with any of this too hot or too cold nonsense? If I could ever change even just one thing in the world it would be weather extremes. We would only have fantastic sunny mornings with the temperature always remaining at a very nice 77 degrees. It would perhaps put all the heating, ventilation and A/C people out of their current business, but I’m sure someone could find them different careers, and then maybe there could be some type of good weather business that they could work in instead.

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