HVAC and taking advantage of it

I adore when the weather breaks after a very long Wintertime and we can finally open up the house to the fresh air. We spend so long inside the house running the heat that we almost forget how lovely it smells to air the place out. Our main problem is our pets that are constantly shedding and stinking up the house. With below freezing temps there is no way that I can give them a bath and put them outside to dry and I don’t want to pay a groomers fee to bathe them every month either! For these reasons, we endure the fact that they stink for many weeks before we can give them a bath outside. It would be more manageable if they were small pets because I could just bathe them in the sink, but they weigh over 70 lb each and it is just too cumbersome to bathe them. To take them to the groomers would cost us nearly $50 for each animal and it is just too extravagant to do that on a monthly basis. When the weather finally breaks, we can turn off the HVAC system and take advantage of the warmer days and bathe them in the yard with the hose. We are faithful to schedule a full cleaning of our HVAC system at the same time, because then it removes all of the excess pet hair from the vents making the home fresh and clean-smelling. Thankfully we have the same HVAC guy come to the house every year and he has no fear of our large pets.

HVAC repair

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