Hunting for a home with a good heater

For the last few months, my hubby and I have been looking for our forever home. We have a certain area that we have picked out, and we attend open houses in that area frequently. Though it may seem like snooping, we live to see how people decorate their houses, and we are actually searching for a home to move in. Last week, we found a beautiful house in a perfect area where we wanted to move. Unfortunately, it was February as well as 1 of the most freezing mornings so far this Winter. Though we definitely appreciated how attractive it looked from the outside, we coveted the tepid atmosphere that the house would bring. However, as we stumbled through the door, we found that the HVAC unit was no longer working.  It was freezing inside the home. As we walked through the house, we could definitely see our breath. We asked the realtor what the deal was, and he told us that the HVAC unit broke, and the owner planned to replace the HVAC unit for whoever bought the house. While we were talking about it, we pitied the owner and his terrible luck that he had to have a furnace break down during the day of the open house! However, no matter how frozen we were at this point, we realized that were really liked this house. This was a major responsibility for us to buy this home. But my hubby made an extremely logical point. If the owner was planning to replace the HVAC unit, that would ensure that we wouldn’t have to replace our HVAC for a while, it at all.  After a little bit of negotiating, we struck a killer deal and signed the papers for the home. We packed up all of our stuff, moved in, and immediately fell in love with both the house and the HVAC unit.

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