Hungover and cooling

I woke up feeling intensely overheated inside of our house. The thermostat said it was over 90 degrees. The night before I had a party and everyone was passed out drunk. Now I was yelling at pretty much everyone about who cranked on the furnace! I was so mad that I said thanks for coming to the party & all but now you all have to leave! People were slowly getting up as I cranked up the air conditioning on our control unit. The cooling air felt so good when it clicked on. I couldn’t suppose someone had our heating system on in the middle of the Summer! Who would do such a thing? I was just glad when pretty much everyone finally left & I was able to be by myself. I had a pounding headache though & a severe hangover going on, so I just wanted to relax in the air conditioning & take a cold shower, so I got in the shower & when I got out, it felt blazing warm again! I went to the thermostat & seen that the heating system was cranked up again. I didn’t know what was going on because pretty much everyone already left, & then my spouse leaped out at me with a camera & yelled that she got me. She was playing a dumb prank on me, & I told her that seriously wasn’t funny. I went on about how he was costing me all this money on our electric bill & you just don’t do that kind of thing. She thought it was funny & kept laughing at me but later apologized because I honestly didn’t think it was funny.

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