How to make the air conditioner run better

My friends and family think that I’m a fool. I know that they don’t understand me, my lifestyle, and my outlook on life, but I’m trying to get them to see the logic in my ways. I don’t know if I’m going to convince them, but maybe my pile of cash can. This summer season, I decided I was going to do things differently than I ever have before in order to save a lot of cash! I decided that I wasn’t even going to give myself the luxury of getting to use the air conditioning system at all! When the temperatures started warming up outside, I did all of our cooking outside. I didn’t want to heat up the lake house anymore than necessary, especially before bed. I kept fans going when it got sizzling as well as I opened the many small windows often to get a nice cross breeze. It was really sizzling each day, but I was easily becoming used to the intense heat. What truly wound up making myself and others happy was looking at our utility bills! As you can imagine, since I was not using any air conditioning system at all, that automatically meant I was saving so much cash! I have to say, from this experience I learned that cash is motivation for the soul. After that, I just kept doing what I was doing. Things weren’t always easy, and I had a lot of adjusting to do. I did a lot of meditation as well as numerous breathing techniques to help myself vastly improve our endurance to the sizzling temperatures and heavy air. I realize everyone thought I was crazy, but I felt relaxing for saving up so much cash!

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