How to lower our HVAC bills

Living in the northeast is quite a drain on the budget when it comes to the heating and A/C. Winter times here are severely long and they can be unbearably cold. I’ve had a lot of people tell myself and others that they only use their fireplace to keep them warm, and they don’t have to worry about the cost of heating. A neighbor of mine has something bad to say about every type of heating, except his wood burning stove. I walk into his house, and the wood burning furnace in his entryway has the room so severely boiling that you can’t breathe. Yet you get further away from it, it is chilly. I’ll stick to our furnace and the expense, and suppose that I am comfortable. I do have a fireplace in our house, because the serious weather is known to cause blackouts at times. The fireplace is a great supplement to the furnace, when the power goes off. Summers are tepid and humid. I’ve found that occasionally our summertime in the northeast, can be more oppressive than the summertime our child has in the south. The two of us have high humidity and you can guess the air before you guess the heat. Without A/C, I can’t breathe. I guess prefer I have an elephant sucking the breath out of our lungs. Our A/C runs continually and I wouldn’t go without it. Yes, the heating and A/C can do a number on the energy bill, however I am honestly blissful to have both. I can’t imagine living anywhere else.