How to cool down with no a/c

My friend Sally has started another get-rich-quick scheme. This time it’s selling ice cream from a used ice cream wagon that she bought. I’ve always thought that she was ambitious, although she hasn’t always been the most ethical person that I know. She began canvassing the area to request setting up her business at social and sporting events. Her first gig was at a school basketball game, and she got there in plenty of time to get set up and prepare for the crowd. There were a few other vendors where she was located just outside of the gymnasium where the cafeteria was located. Naturally, not everyone wanted ice cream. Her competition included pizza, popcorn, and candy booths. Her business was slow, but steady, and she noticed that because it was a cold night, people weren’t thinking that they wanted ice cream. So when no one was looking, she adjusted the thermostat, setting it about six degrees hotter. Within no time, the room heated up, and more and more people starting buying her product. In fact, there was a line of people waiting to buy her ice cream treats. Before long, however, someone figured out that the room was way too hot. They came over to adjust the temperature and were a bit surprised at the high number that the thermostat was set at. Within the hour, Sally had sold all of her ice cream treats and was pretty proud of herself. I’m not so sure that what she did was ethical, and it makes me wonder if she’ll do it again.  


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