How the heater can die on you

I don’t know if I believe in any kind of luck but I sure should after what happened in our new home.  I know that I learned to trust my instincts and that was a lifesaver. My husband and I had bought a small home out by the lake, and we had finished moving all of our things in.  We had all of our inspections done, and we sat down and looked around. We had what seemed like thousands of boxes sitting around, and we couldn’t find the screws for our bed. We found the blankets and decided to call it quits.  Since there was carpeting in the bedroom, we laid blankets on the floor and that is where we were going to sleep. We woke up a couple of hours later, and it was really cold in the room. Knowing the inspections were done, we just got up and turned up the thermostat until we heard the furnace start to run.  There was an odd smell coming from the air vents, but the heat probably hadn’t been used in about a year. Then there was some knocking and banging that was coming from the air vents, but from around the air vents. We went to the basement door, and when we opened it smoke billowed out. We called the fire company even though there wasn’t any fire.  They called the HVAC company who found a leak in the oil pipe. If the fire had reached the oil, they said it could have easily caused an explosion that could have burned down the house, with us in it.

oil heater

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