How the fan affects indoor air conditions

Whenever I put something in the oven, I have to turn the a/c on.  The exhaust fan over our oven was never vented properly. Whoever built our home, or put in the exhaust fan, did not know it was necessary to put the ventilation to the outside.  The heat and odors just come right back into the house. At least with the a/c, we are able to get it cool enough to be able to sit at the table and eat. I went out about a week ago, and I bought a ventilation hood for over the stove.  I gave it to my husband and I asked him if he would install it. The ventilation hood is still in the box and in the basement. I know he knows how to put in the vent hood, because he put one in for me at our old home. I’m not sure what is holding him back.  I’m thinking that it is when he was working on the furnace, he found out that none of the wiring was proper. He had to completely rewire the entire basement to bring it up to code. He said something drilling a hole and needing to do wiring in the living room before he could put up the range hood, so I’m sure he is expecting the same situation this time.  In the meantime, I will turn on the a/c every time I cook and hopefully when summer arrives, he’ll finally put in the ventilation fan.

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