How sweet of them!

When I moved to the city last year, it was a huge transition for me. I have to say that I’m really intimidated by the fast pace of things and number of people who live here. I am slowly getting used to it but try to blend in because I don’t want anyone to know how overwhelming it is to me. Where I grew up in a small town of about 5,000 people and it was basically a farming community.  We only had one stoplight and a few businesses so having so many around me can be a little much too. Back home, things like “Bring your tractor to school day” was a big event, and we only had one corner store and a post office. Every year we held a celebration of the harvest in our town at the end of summer. The weekend included a small fair and amusement rides, and a farmer’s parade. When I was little I thought it was a huge event, later on, I learned that it was just a country carnival. There was one problem with the event that affected the town Whenever the power went out, so did our ability to control the indoor air conditions at home. The temperature was usually well into the 80s, so it was a big problem to not have air conditioning when we would get home and realize that he power was out again, we knew there was nothing we could do.  The HVAC dealer had recommended that we purchase a generator but my dad wouldn’t spend the money on one. We just had to accept it was going to be a long, hot, and sleepless weekend without any air conditioning. Eventually, when I was old enough, I would go away and spend the weekend with friends who had a working HVAC system.


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