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A few of my girl friends as well as I enjoy scheduling a girls’ night out a few times every month to bar hop all the local establishments. It’s one of the few possibilities I get where I allow myself to go out drinking, when I don’t have to be the designated driver, although I do head out on my own sometimes looking for a fun night out or when celebrating something in particular. It was on one of those solo outings where my partner as well as I first met. I wasn’t honestly even looking to meet anyone, however it just sort of ended up happening. I believe I owe it all to the bar’s AC equipment. Where I was sitting at the bar, the A/C vent above me was blowing down on top of me, and the cold air conditioned air had me feeling especially cold! And since I was dressed up to look good, as well as not to stay warm, I hadn’t thought to bring a jacket with me. I looked around as well as wasn’t able to find somewhere else to hang out with how crowded the bar was so I was basically stuck sitting there under the air conditioner vent, and I was seriously freezing. That was when a nice young guy approached me, offering me his jacket as well as taking a seat on the stool directly beside me. I was rather skeptical of his intentions at first, although I was totally cold as well as he seemed sweet as well as after a while we were able to have a pretty decent time. We gave each other our numbers as well as one thing led to another, as well as both of us got married after quite some time being together! He’s admitted to me since then that if I hadn’t looked so brutally cold, he would have never had the courage to approach me in the first place. The a/c equipment making me feel so icy ended up being our ice breaker!

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