How important is climate control?

My mom bought a brand modern motorcar last Fall. She hasn’t even owned it for a full year yet and she already detests it. She complains that the reason she hates it is because the a/c is useless. It doesn’t work right, according to her. When she bought the car, it was the cold season, so it was cold out and she didn’t have the chance to test the cooling system. Now that it is getting to a point in the year where it starts getting blazing out, she has started to use the a/c in her car.

           At first she thought it was simply a malfunction of some sort. She took it into the supplier to have it repaired, but the workers told her nothing was wrong with it… One guy went so far as to say in a whisper that the model she had was known for this exact complaint. The result was that the a/c in her motorcar simply was not good. Needless to say, having spent a sizable chunk of money on this purchase, my mother is not comfortable at all.

            Whenever we anywhere together now, she insists we take my motorcar instead of hers so that we can have the ‘good a/c’ as she calls it. Since I am a windows open kind of person, I don’t like the cooling system much anyway but it is a big deal to her. She was so mad about it she vowed to test the cooling system in any motorcar she ever bought from that day on.

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