How I got by with heating

I used to live in one of the hottest deserts in the world. Heat was a way of life. Those cartoons that show characters being able to fry an egg on the road, don’t seem so whimsical when you live where I did. Most days felt like the sunshine was sitting directly in front of me. The heat would be so horrible somedays, I was afraid I’d suffocate from just walking down the road. My friends and I would nearly burst into tears when we heard that beloved ice cream truck jingle piercing through the thick heat of the day. I don’t get how some animals are actually native to that place.  Perhaps, they were mirages, and we were all just hallucinating. Since the temperature stayed at a constant, dead heat, having a working HVAC system was practically a matter of survival. It seemed the worst time of the day was in the late afternoon. The sunshine seemed to burn a little hotter, and be a little closer to the Earth. One time it felt as if though I would die, when our HVAC system went out. I got back from school, opened the door, and a gust of pure heat hits me in the face. Smothering heat was the last thing I expected. I called my mother to let her know something was wrong and the house is not cooling at all, and the air conditioning was not making a sound, although it was clearly on. Soon afterwards, the HVAC technician arrived and I can barely open the door for him I was so exhausted from the heat. I was so drained from the heat, but sitting outside waiting on him was out of the question. There was no escaping. He did his best to fix the a/c, all the while chugging hoards of water to keep from passing out himself. He noticed I was practically comatose and gave me his truck keys, tells me to crank up his truck, and blast the air conditioner. Never have I more thoroughly enjoyed a powerful air conditioner in my life. Cool, sweet relief washed over me as I relaxed in the truck

HVAC plan

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