Hotel HVAC (Fireplace Lobby)

I have always had a hard time sleeping when I’m not in my own bed; it’s even worse when I’m sharing a hotel room with someone else. Not long ago, I was traveling for work, and ended up sharing a room with my boss. Aside from sleeping with the TV on, he always turned the heat up in the room, making it stuffy and way too warm. When I got sick of trying to sleep, I’d get up early in the morning, take a shower, and head downstairs to find a nook to sit and read my book for a while. The city we were in was normally very warm; however, they were experiencing a cold snap, so the air conditioning had been turned off in the common areas of the building. In fact, they actually had a gas fireplace burning near the front desk. This made for a perfect place to read; with the front door nearby letting in fresh air anytime anyone came in or went out, and the fireplace providing some heat and a soothing crackle, I was able to lose myself in a great book every morning of the trip! When I got home, I actually called a local heating and air conditioning contractor whose advertisements I’d seen on TV, and explained that I was interested in a small fireplace of some sort to really make my living room cozy. The HVAC technician I spoke with over the phone was able to recommend a television stand that had a built in electric fireplace that really made my living room awesome. I suppose I’m glad that I can’t sleep in hotels – if I could, then I wouldn’t have been exploring the lobby area, and would never have discovered this great addition to my home.

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