Hotel air conditioning equipment

My partner & I went on a little holiday a couple of months ago; I recognize that it is always a wonderful idea to take a few mini-trips a year to get away from the everyday hustle & bustle of life! So we take 3 or 4 days every few months & go to a place neither of us have ever been before. It is wonderful fun to see new areas of the country & meet all the unique people who live here. However, the last trip both of us made was down to the south to check out some delicious southern food neither of us has ever had. It was the middle of July, so luckily the cooling system in our automobile was working correctly when made the drive down to the hotel both of us were staying in. I can’t even imagine how hot that it can get in certain parts of the country while in the summer. We arrived at the hotel & dropped our stuff off in the room. Before both of us left to go exploring I turned the cooling system up to the max so the room would be nice & chilly when both of us got back. The next couple of hours were full of wonderful food & drink. We ate like gluttonous pigs then retired back to the hotel to catch some sleep. We wanted to be rested for the next day’s adventures. To our surprise, the hotel room we were staying in stunk terribly! The cooling system was the cause & the only thing I could think of was the air filter had never been changed. I asked for a new room & we tested the cooling system with the staff in the room. At least the odor didn’t stay on our stuff.

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