Hot day with no a/c at the end

One hot season, I took Hayley to an outlet mall a couple miles from where we live. Summer was gearing down as well as school was going to be starting soon. Then, Hayley and I decided to go shopping. I love to shop when it comes to their back to college sales!  I consistently find that I have better luck finding the certain clothes in her size when I go to the outlet mall as well. When I go to the typical malls or department stores everything all tends to look the same to me, so Hayley and I were actually looking forward to our outlet shopping afternoon.  The afternoon of our shopping trip Hayley and I woke up at the early morning so the people I was with and I could pull ourselves as a team as well as be on the road by 8. Hayley and I ended up leaving early enough that the warm season time was still somewhat cool so Hayley and I were able to ride with the windows down the whole way to the typical mall.  My girl Hayley wasn’t a fan of riding with the windows down because her hair kept pushing around in her face, however there was no way I was going to turn on the car’s a/c system when it wasn’t needed. After spending 7 miles around walking, and shopping, Hayley and i went back home. When the people I was with and I got in the car it was so hot and then we wanted the a/c on and running. The a/c did not work for us though!

a/c equipment

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