Hoping to turn off the heating system


                I just wish I could turn off my heating system, get outside and stay outside. However, Mother Nature is still sending those icy vibes, so don’t put those gas furnaces away just yet, since the forecast is for lower temperatures & heavy snow.  So we must keep the fire going in the fireplace remember to buy more oil for your heating system.

             I live in an section where it is consistently cold, however, we learnt to adapt to the cold temperatures and we will consistently have well-working heating equipment, a crackling fireplace & hockey.  Besides, I’m used to the cold, since I’ve lived here my whole life. I do, however, enjoy my Summer holidays down south. The weather is so hot though, that I must stay in air conditioning or by the pool, but I don’t mind.  I once took a walk during the middle of the day, and I was soon seeking the cool temperatures of an air conditioned building. That powerful air conditioning system is found everywhere in the south, though not outside.

               In fact, it is so terribly hot in the Summer down there that I wonder just how anyone can venture outside without air conditioning.  I would perspire profusely if not for the relief of an air conditioned environment, however that’s just me. I’m sure many people would also have difficulties living in the far north with all the snow.  I don’t mind visiting the south, as long as my friends down there have good air conditioning. I still say thank goodness for my fireplace & heater!

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