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For numerous years I have been obsessed with programs on cable TV that dealt with cabin improvement.  I always look forward to the before plus after of a cabin renovation. I often spoke about how I could do the project just from watching the show.  Well, I put my foot in my mouth! On a certainly freezing Wintertime day, our oil furnace suddenly stopped working. It would come on but would not blow any hot air through the air vents.  I could slightly feel some heat coming through the air ducts but there was not the forced air that it should be. I had recently watched a show where the host was demonstrating how to improve the air strength in a oil furnace by lubricating the fan.  That sounded straight-forward enough to me. So I went to the basement plus took the door off my oil furnace, i could see that the heating component was working but could not find the fan. I took some other panels off from the oil furnace but still could not find a fan that would need lubrication… Reluctantly, I went back upstairs plus called the local Heating plus Air Conditioning service company.  Within a couple seconds someone was at my cabin working on my oil furnace. I wanted to see how repairs were done so I stood over the repairman plus asked too numerous questions about what he was doing. Actually, it was not the fan that needed to be greased but the wiring for the fan which had shorted out. The serviceman was able to repair the problem in only a few seconds. I am sure he was upset to leave as the homeowner was making him insane luring over head plus asking too numerous questions.  The most valuable thing I learned from this whole experience is to leave the Heating plus Air Conditioning job to the professionals. And don’t rely on cabin improvement shows for all the expertise needed for a repair.

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