Hiring a HVAC specialist

I have become a bit of an anomaly in my town.  People recognize my face or my name, and they all want to talk to me.  Mostly, I think they just want to get to know me so they can use me. I am the only woman HVAC technician that they have ever seen.  Men look at me oddly, but women just gush. I can’t even buy milk without having a couple of women ask me questions. Little girls seem in awe of me, but most men think I am a freak.  I like the fact that a lot of people will pay for my beer if I am out to dinner, but I don’t think I am so special. I am an excellent HVAC technician. When I was much younger, it may sound strange, but I was always talking working on the furnace or the air conditioning like I saw my father do.  I wanted to work in his HVAC company with him, and someday be his partner. I paid my dues, and I went to school, and then I interned under some of the top HVAC contractors in the state. When I came home, I soon took over my dad’s HVAC company, and I am doing a great job. I am fair, and I do a great job.  I’ve had families who couldn’t pay, yet I fixed their HVAC and I didn’t complain. I’ve also gone out in the middle of the night, and restored the heat for families, and I didn’t charge them the fees that most HVAC companies would charge. Maybe that’s why they appreciate me.

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