high school heating system

When I was in middle school, life was so easy. I did not have the worries of needing to work for a living, making enough income, paying bills and other stressful responsibilities. As an adult, life is more stressful and anything but simple.  Other than those memories of a stress free life, the one thing I remember about our middle school was the heating system in the classrooms! During the wintertime, it would get super cold in our area. The heating cooling system installed in the building was nothing short of a Heating miracle! Back in those days, Heating technology was not as advanced as modern options. There was no radiant radiant heated floors, and they didn’t have any type of zone control.  There were no smart thermostats! Smartphones were not available. The heating system in the school was really wonderful. Even compared to modern \ Heating technology, the school’s furnace provided sufficient comfort and easily handled the freezing cold outside. It made it easier to concentrate and avoid distractions. I ended up graduating middle school with honors. Today, I own a large house and have a quality and relatively new heating and cooling system. I have invested in the latest in Heating plus Air Conditioning technology on the market. I paid quite a bit for it, but having an efficient system was well worth it. I still live in an area with extremely cold winters and hot, humid summer, so the quality of HVAC is important to both comfort and budget.

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