Heating and cooling deal

I have a wonderful job that I work from home in a customer relations position. I am required to have video conference calls either late at night or early in the afternoon depending on what time zone my customer is in.  Our two story home has zone control heating. The way it is set up, my office as well as two of the bedroom, are on the same heating and cooling zone. So, on those freezing winter night when I have to be up working while my husband is sleeping, I need to turn up the heat just so I don’t freeze to death while I am working hard.  I can’t even begin to count how times I have been interrupted in the middle of a call, because my hubby storms into my office to adjust the temperature control because it is too tepid for him to sleep well. I have asked him numerous times, not to just come in when I am on a call with my buyers. He adamantly responds that I shouldn’t have turned the heat on while he was trying to sleep.  When I point out that there needs to be some compromise, but he refuses. It is getting to the point, that I am seriously debating of either moving my office or calling our local HVAC worker to replace our zone control heating. At this moment either choice sounds appealing to me, because I am so tired of having this fight with him. It is terrible situation as well as it is certainly embarrassing to have him interrupt my calls over the stupid temperature control settings.

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